Introducing SCODIX™

JamJar Print are very proud to announce the arrival of a revolutionary machine in the print finishing industry.

The Scodix Ultra Pro with Foiling Station applies spot UV, high-build UV, foils, crystals, braille and lots of other exciting finishes, without the need for films, blocks or dies. What this means is that processes that were very expensive for short runs are now accessible, affordable and carry far greater impact than previously seen. The commercial print & packaging market has an exciting time ahead of it!

This digital inkjet process will also enable 'variable data' foiling which will provide countless possibilities for the likes of personalised invites or gift vouchers.

The most popular SCODIX™ finishes:

Scodix™ SPOT

Digitally applied spot gloss with perfect registration, a superior quality finish and no need for the conventional films & screens, thus massively reducing costs.

Scodix™ SENSE

Without the need for multiple dies and make-readies, Scodix Sense allows gloss textures, high-build gloss UV and embossed effects with superb accuracy and an impressive finish.


This is the use of metallic foil-like colours in the digital process. CMYK is printed onto a metallic laminated board and the Scodix enables the shiny, metallic foil finish where desired. In just one pass through the machine this process can create multiple metallic foil colours.

Scodix™ FOIL

The Scodix Foil Station is going to revolutionise the foiling marketplace. Wave goodbye to an hour-long make-ready or the need for a magnesium pressing block. Scodix Foil delivers unmatched foil enhancement capabilities over short or medium run lengths. The cost saving is significant, making the foiling process more accessible for lower budget projects.

Try SCODIX™ Finishes on Business Cards:

For all enquiries please contact our Specialist Scodix™ Account Manager.


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