New Layflat and Micro PUR Binding Available

New Layflat and Micro PUR Binding Available

Layflat Binding:

This is one of the most revolutionary alternatives to the conventional binding methods. Layflat binding enables an image to run across a double page spread, without a page break at the spine, so the page match is seamless. The creative industries and the property market regularly use this visually impactful binding process to achieve a high-end result for exclusive products.

Micro PUR Binding:

This is an amazing progression in the binding world. PUR binding has previously been somewhat limited in its use, by only being able to be done on booklets with a spine greater than 3.5mm. But now we can produce books with spines as small as 2mm! This opens the door to an exciting new time for those who prefer the elegant finish of PUR binding over stitching.