Free paper for charities

Free paper for charities

If you’re a registered UK charity, committed to keeping costs down while being
eco-friendly, we would like to help you.​

Here at JamJar Print, we’re committed to giving back to others and to the environment. To this course, we recently purchased A million SRA2 sheets of 70gsm Greencoat 100 Eco Offset Recycled Paper.

And we’re going to give it all away to UK charities.

That’s right. We’re giving it away.

We’ll print up to 150,000 A5 leaflets or 300,000 A6 leaflets for you if you’re a registered UK charity and we won’t charge you a penny for the paper. (And we’ll keep our print costs down to our usual competitive rates, in case you’re wondering.)

That means you can cut costs for your charity AND help protect the environment by using recycled stock. ​

This is a first come, first served offer, so don’t miss out – please get in touch today to order a sample or reserve your paper.

Many thanks.