Retweet For Free Print

Retweet For Free Print

You’ve probably seen our hashtag #RetweetForFreePrint knocking around the Twittersphere and thought by Jove, that sounds interesting (and, more importantly, free)… what’s all that about then?

We’ll tell you.

Occasionally, we’ll have a print run scheduled and there will be a little empty space left on it. It’ll run no matter what, and we’ll have to use a certain amount of paper no matter what, because that’s how printing works - but there may be space at the end of the run that someone else can take advantage of.

It’s sort of like when you buy a car parking ticket for an hour, because that’s the minimum amount, but you only use 10 minutes’ worth of it. So you give the remainder of your ticket to another friendly driver. (Note: this may be against the car park rules and we don’t advocate that. It’s an example. OK?)

So every now and then you’ll see us tweeting that we have, say, 5,000 A5 leaflets up for grabs if you can get artwork to us in the next two hours. And they will be yours, for free. Gratis. Nada. You’re welcome.

It’s a first come, first served offer, so remember to follow @JamJarPrint,

keep your eyes peeled for the hashtag #RetweetForFreePrint, and the next set of freebies could be winging its way to your offices!

It’s just another way we like to be nice.