JamJar Charity Giving

JamJar Charity Giving

JamJar Tuck-Shop

Earlier this year, as well our free fruit basket, we decided to set up a little tuck-shop to feed the busy-bees that work here at JamJar (and, of course, customers too!)

From a hand decorated box we’ve now raised over £400 from the sale of chocolate bars, sweets and crisps! Each time we get to £100 we choose a new charity, we always support local charities, of which there are so many great ones to choose from. At the moment we’re supporting Off The Record, they’ve done great work for the past 50 years to support young people and promote positive mental health.

Previous charities we’ve supported include:

St Peter’s Hospice (suggested by Pat) – an obvious choice, and a great charity who do great work all supported by volunteers and donations.

PROMPT (suggested by Ed) – A Bristol based charity which strives to make childbirth safer through training, education and research.

Legs4Africa (suggested by Pru) – a small charity based in Bishopston which collect used prosthetic legs from hospitals and amputees around the country, shipping them to sub-Saharan Africa where they can be reused.

Julian House (we all agreed – a homeless charity for the winter months was a good idea) – They work in the name of a just society where socially excluded people are supported and empowered to build sustainable, independent lives.

So if you’re ever feeling peckish when you’re collecting your print work from us, feel free to buy a cheeky chocolate bar (we wont judge!) for 50p… 100% of the profits go direct to charity, so it’s basically guilt-free!